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Specifically for the electrical contractor, who wants the same high level of accuracy and organization, that we, Master Estimating Service has been noted for.

Master Estimating Software, is the ultimate in estimating power and flexibility. This is the only estimating system in the world that is guaranteed to,

Consistently produce a realistic bill-of-material estimate for any type of job, of any size, up to $100,000,000.00, and do it in the minimum amount of time.


  • Maximum Speed. Minimum Risk. Proven Accuracy.
  • Multi-purpose solution to the time problem contractors share.
  • Our software, used with our take-off technique, gives the contractor a powerful estimating system to bid accurately and fast everything that comes your way, from single/multi-family housing to hospitals.
  • A true commercial/industrial data base that also covers chemical plants, refineries, water treatment plants, and power generating facilities.
  • The Master Estimate Check. A computer comparison of each estimate, to a specific estimate check table, to catch errors before the quote adjust routines and bid summary. The Master Estimating System, mistake-prevention and mistake-detection, with the use of the Master Estimate Check Tables, enables the estimator to catch and correct the human errors, even the best of estimators make, and do both before the job is bid. These are the estimating mistakes that cause contractors to take work too cheap, and thereby make little profit or even suffer losses.
  • The system will automatically organize the bill of material and print the bill of material in construction logic order.
  • Our software is designed for today and tomorrow's electrical contractor.
       Plan & Specification, Design Development, and Conceptual Estimating.
  • For security and reliability, our software works as a stand-alone system, with access to network resources.
  • Unlimited software support is included.
  • Estimating software that is also used for:
    • Material cost control tool that protects the electrical contractor from inflated material pricing.
    • Labor cost control tool that is used for labor monitoring.
    • Material purchasing tool.
    • Scheduling tool for contract and cost plus jobs, that tells you how long it should take the men, to install the bill of material sent to the job.
    • Pricing change orders and being able to hide costs that might be questioned.

We teach, preach, and practice, accurate estimating. In our sixty-one years in business, we have estimated more than 3.5 billion dollars worth of electrical work for our customers and we use this system to do it. We write our own computer programs, so if there was a faster way to estimate, without sacrificing accuracy and organization, we would buy it!

Please do not hesitate to call 1-540-925-2413, for additional information, if you have any questions or would like to set-up a personal demonstration here with us, in Warm Springs.

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