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Business Solutions

  • Emergency Back-up Estimating.
       Plan & Specification, Design Development, and Conceptual Budgets.
       (Call for additional information and a fee schedule.)
  • Production Control Estimates, Specific For Project Management.
          Advantages: Effective cost monitoring, scheduling, purchasing, man load
                               requirements, percent complete calculations,
                               and progress billings.

  • Consulting Estimates, Specific For Problem Solving.
       Used with our Business Advisory Services, a consulting estimate is used
       specifically for problem solving. This service is also used in legal or
       arbitration proceedings, settling differences and disputes.
       (Call for additional information.)


  • Estimating - Level I, II, & III.
  • Estimating - Advanced, Specific.
(Master Estimating System)
  • Project Management - Level I & II.
  • Production Manager.
  • Cost Monitoring and Money Control.
(Master Production System)
  • Contractor Management.
  • The Business of Electrical Contracting.
  • Marketing, Sales, and Negotiating.
  • Developing New Business Opportunities.
(Master Management System)
Master Systems, The Keys To Profit!


  • Business Advisory Services.
  • Business Evaluations and Recommendations.
  • Problem Specific Solutions.
  • Software Solutions.


  • Master Systems Encyclopedia - The Business Of Electrical Contracting.
         Four Volume Set: $1,595.00

    • Volume 1 - Master Management System
    • Volume 2 - Master Estimating System (Theory Only)
    • Volume 3 - Master Production System
    • Volume 4 - Master Cost Monitoring System And Money Control

            Volume 2 - Master Estimating System
                This is theory only. Estimating procedures in training workshop only.

For training workshops and specific assignments, request a firm quotation.

Since 1963, we continue to remain focused on our purpose, "To provide only high quality professional services to the electrical contracting industry". Our unique ability to understand an electrical contractor’s problems, requirements, and provide sound business solutions.

As we continue to grow, Master Estimating Service continues to search for clients who want high quality and professional services, at a reasonable price. Part of our business philosophy is, "We will not be a fit for every electrical contractor."  We only involve ourselves in services which are mutually beneficial to our client, as well as Master Estimating Service.  Importantly, we have aligned ourselves with clients who value our services and we believe, we can provide business solutions for you.

Please do not hesitate to call 1-540-925-2413, for additional information or if you have any questions.

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