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Emergency Back-Up Estimating Service

We teach, preach, and practice, accurate estimating. In our sixty-one years in business, we have estimated more than 3.5 billion dollars worth of electrical work for our customers.

This service is not intended to replace your estimators. It is intended to expand their capabilities on an as‑needed basis.

For example:

  • A large complex estimate usually ties up your estimators to the point that normal work cannot be handled and change order estimates for existing work goes on hold.
  • Your estimators are maxed out with their normal workload and you do not want to turn away potential work.
  • A type of job comes up that you are capable of doing, but your estimators have no experience in that type of work.
  • There are enough dollars at risk that you would like a check estimate.
  • Conceptual Budgets and Design Development Estimates.

Whatever the cause, Master Estimating Service provides accurate, organized estimates.

Estimates are prepared by estimators experienced in electrical construction and estimating. The Master Estimating System, take-off process and software, are used exclusively.

The estimating package you will receive includes color-coded drawings, feeder schedules, equipment connection sheets, branch worksheets, fixture schedules, quote sheets, computer print-out of pricing and labor sheets, recap sheets, computer estimate check, distribution of costs report, and detailed summary sheets.

We guarantee no copies of an estimate will be furnished to any other contractor and all business transactions are confidential.

Since 1963, Master Estimating Service, still produces consistently, the same high quality, organized, and proved accurate estimate, before the job is bid. That's our trademark! The large, complex, difficult, and high risk jobs, are the jobs that most contractors continue to send us.

Please do not hesitate to call 1-540-925-2413, for additional information, an Estimating Service Fee Schedule, or if you have any questions.

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